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Campagnone Common


  1. Baseball / Softball
  2. Baseball / Softball Diamond
  3. Dugouts
  4. Monkey Bars
  5. Playground
  6. Restrooms
  7. Slide
  8. Spectator Seating
  9. Swings


Campagnone Common is the main park in the City of Lawrence. It is located on Common Street, directly across from City Hall. The common contains a fenced baseball field, complete with dugouts and spectator seating for those who want to catch a game. The Robert Frost Fountain provides a place of relaxation directly across from City Hall. There is a playground located near Jackson Street with a slide, swings, a jungle gym, and monkey bars. Parking is available on street, with no designated handicapped spaces. Portable restrooms are available, but not handicapped accessible.

Campagnone Common is named for the three Campagnone brothers of Lawrence who gave their lives during World War II. A number of memorials to our service men and women can be found at Campagnone Common. A Civil War memorial, erected in 1881, listing the names of the men from Lawrence who fought for the Union can be found. The common also is the home to the World War II memorial, the Spanish-American War memorial, the Gulf War memorial, and the Korean War memorial.