Contact Us

  1. Janelle Abreu

    Library Director
    Phone: 978-620-3601

  1. Julissa Perreaux

    Assistant Director
    Phone: 978-620-3603

  1. Janelle Canales

    Children's Room Coordinator
    Phone: 978-620-3609

  1. Elvin Fabian

    Circulation Coordinator
    Phone: 978-620-3610

  1. Lindsey Gazlay

    Adult Reference Librarian
    Phone: 978-620-3615

  1. Giselle Encarnacion

    Technical Services
    Phone: 978-620-3607

  1. Nancy Gunther

    Phone: 978-620-3608

  1. Franklin Arias

    Head Custodian
    Phone: 978-620-3614

  1. Ricardo Olivo

    Phone: 978-620-3614

  1. Marlyssa Gonzalez

  1. Wen He

  1. Janelle Canales Lanzot

  1. Noelia Rosario

  1. Luke Terry

  1. Sergei Franson

To contact a Library Assistant, email and be sure to address which member of our team you would like to contact you otherwise, anyone of the members of our staff will be glad to help. You can also call the Circulation department at 978-620-3600 and ask to be connected.