Your Responsibilities in an Accident

If you have a traffic accident or collision, you must:

  1. Stop at once. Stop at the accident scene or as close as possible without needlessly blocking or endangering other traffic. Leaving the scene is a serious crime.
  2. Render aid
  3. Give any reasonable aid to injured persons. Remember, injured people should never be moved carelessly. In many cases, they should not be moved at all until it is possible to get an ambulance or someone trained in first aid to the scene.
  4. Exchange information
  5. Give to the other driver, passengers in the vehicle or any injured pedestrian, your name, address, driver license number, license number of your vehicle, and your insurance information.

Reporting Crashes

Within five days of the accident, you will need to file a Commonwealth of Massachusetts Operator's Accident Report when the accident:

  • Results in personal injury or death,
  • When property damage exceeds $1,000,
  • When one of the vehicles involved has fled the scene, or
  • When you have any doubt as to the above.
  • An Operator's Report can be picked up at the Lawrence Police Department

Upon completion, you must send a copy of your Operator's Report to:

Records Division
Lawrence Police Department
90 Lowell Street
Lawrence, MA 01840

Crash Records
Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles
P.O. Box 199100
Boston, MA 01229-9100

Your insurance company may also want a copy of the report. Keep one copy for yourself.

All information on the report must be filled out to the best of your knowledge. Please make sure that you sign your report before mailing it.

Obtaining a Copy of the Police Officer's Accident Report

To get a copy of the police officer's report of an accident, you must first fill out a Commonwealth of Massachusetts Operator's Accident Report. Once the Police Department has received your Operator's Report, you can have a copy of the police officer's report.

Pick up a form 24 hours a day.

When form complete you will be called to pick up your request.

We encourage accident victim to go through on insurance company it is faster process.


  • Accident Reports: $10
  • Incident Reports: $10