Auxiliary Police

The Lawrence Auxiliary Police Force is an organization of 35 volunteer officers committed to the safety and well being of the citizens of Lawrence. Its primary goal is to “assist and augment” the sworn force to help make the City of Lawrence a safer community in which to live.

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Established in 1950, Lawrence Auxiliary Police Officers have provided a wide variety of services to the Lawrence Police Department and the City. In addition to patrolling municipal buildings, parks, playgrounds, and other public places, they provide traffic support for road and bicycle races, parades, municipal events and church functions.

Patrol Services

The Auxiliary Police Force runs four police cruisers on Thursday through Sunday evenings between 7 p.m. and 2:30 a.m. The officers patrol the Cemeteries, Industrial Parks, Commons, and Parks, and high crime sensitive areas as well as assists at traffic accidents, fires, and other emergencies which may develop during the officers tour.

The cars are equipped with standard police packages and have communications to the Lawrence Police Department’s frequencies as well as their own repeater radio system. During the summer months, the Bureau has 12 mountain bikes which they patrol the downtown and highly sensitive areas during the evening hours.

Traffic Services

The bureau assists with traffic control and security at many local churches on weekends.

Emergency Callouts

The officers assist at many types of police and fire emergencies. These include fires, serious accidents lost children, and other police emergencies on a twenty four hour call in basis. Officers are supplied with alpha numeric pagers and are called in whenever a situation arises. Some callouts only consist of three to four officers, while others require 20 to 25 officers dependant on the situation.

Special Assignments

The officers provide special patrols, escorts, traffic coverage, and security for many charitable and non profit agencies and major events within the City. The assignments include religious processions, security and traffic control at road races, walk-a-thons, parades and all major events the city sponsors.