Crime Reports

About Crime Data

The monthly crime data presented here reflect preliminary crime data for most Part I felony crimes as they were known at the time of original publication and are not official crime statistics. Preliminary crime data often change at a later date due to further investigation and /or updated classification before they become official crime statistics. In addition, information presented here may include human error.

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Platoon Definitions

Some data presented here are organized by “Platoons,” which represent the “Overnight,” “Day,” and “Early Night” shifts. Definitions for the three Platoons are as follows, displayed in military time:

  • Platoon 1 = 01:00 to 08:59 (“Midnight” / “Overnight” shift)
  • Platoon 2 = 09:00 to 16:59 (“Day” shift)
  • Platoon 3 = 17:00 to 00:59 (“Early Night” shift)

2015 Data Updated

Arrest data for October, November, and December of 2015 were updated on March 15, 2016.

2016 Data Updated

May, June, and July 2016 data have been updated and are reflected in the August 2016 document.