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Welcome to the City of Lawrence on behalf of our city staff members and our estimated 89,153 fellow residents, according to the U.S. Census of 2020!


The City of Lawrence, incorporated as a town in 1847 and as a city in 1853, is a welcoming and vibrant community place, and I consider myself blessed to be the mayor. The astonishing mill buildings lining the Merrimack River, the wonderful Great Stone Dam, and the striking clock and bell towers are tributes to Lawrence's industrial heritage.


As you get to know your city, you will quickly find that our residents make our community a great place to live, study, work, and create a business: Resourceful, inclusive, creative, resilient, vibrant, generous, hardworking, and genuinely kind people, these who we are.


Lawrence is a melting pot composed of numerous immigrant cultures, different religions, and people of diverse ethnic backgrounds coming together to coexist in the same environment. This is what makes us unique and strong.


As an essential member of this community, you are expected to contribute to the common good and growth of our community, whether is by being a good citizen, volunteering, respecting our laws, keeping our city clean, paying your taxes, supporting our businesses, or being committed to your family.


 My office will always be at your service!




Mayor Brian A. DePena.

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    Octavien Spanner

    Senior Advisor to the Mayor

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    Claudia Hoyos

    Acting Chief of Staff

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    Nestor Castillo

    Director of Communications