From Our Director

The schedule is now finalized for our summer reading program.  This year’s theme is “Every Hero Has a Story” and we are currently registering children ages birth to grade six to participate in the special events.  (Remember, all events are free but we need to control the number of participants for some of them in the interest of space so register your kids now.)  The first event will be on Monday July 6th at 10:00 in our Sargent Auditorium and will feature Greg the Magician and his fabulous doggy assistant Axel.  As I have mentioned in the past, I (and the bulk of the library staff) am a total pushover for any show featuring animals particularly dogs.  I will be away on vacation on this day but I promise not to let the rest of the staff take up all the seats for this presentation.  Suspicious parties to keep an eye on in this regard will be Louise Sandberg, Denise Audy, Rosemary McCullough-Ghali and Maureen Murphy.

Also coming up on Tuesday July 7th Mike Bent’s Super YOU magic show. This is a fun show designed to help children find their own inner “super powers”.  Next on the 9th will be Toto the Tornado Kitten.  Toto’s “dad” Jonathan will be reading his own book about rescuing Toto from the 2011 tornado in Brimfield Mass.  Again, I will be away but people to keep a watch on for stealing seats would be, the above-mentioned Rosemary and also assistant director Kemal Bozkurt.  Rounding out the week, on the 10th the Museum of Science will be here with their portable planetarium showing the children the wonders and beauty of the night sky.  All the above events will take place at 10:00 in our Sargent Auditorium.  The Science Museum will do a second show at 11:00. 

For the second half of July the program will be as follows: Tuesday, July 14th will be Steve Rudolph’s Wild West Magic—a magic show with an old west theme and a tribute to cowboy legend Pecos Bill.  Next, on Monday the 20th, will be the Pumpernickel Puppets.  The children can join the Princess as she travels to visit the lovable Green Dragon and his funny pals.

Tuesday the 21st we will have Ed Popielarczyk (glad I don’t have to take a stab at pronouncing that.)  Ed has been here before and the children really enjoy his style of “hands-on” magic.  The little ones do the tricks themselves. Finally, on July the 23rd will be the Curious Creatures show featuring frogs, snakes, lizards and other reptilian/amphibious creepy crawlers.  I will be back for this one but I will be giving it wide berth.  While snakes and lizards and such are cool I have a fairly epic fear of frogs and toads so, in order to avoid a complete mental breakdown, I will stay away!  I think maybe it is time to have a little chat with Lois and Giselle in the Children’s Room—I go on vacation and we schedule dogs and cats: I come back and it’s FROGS.

All performances are at 10:00 a.m. in our auditorium and all are free to the public.  We do ask that you call to reserve
a spot.  The number to call is 978-620-3618
.  Also remember that every Wednesday during July there are crafts in the Children’s Room from 2:00-3:00 p.m.  For details check out our Calendar page.  Again, thanks to the Essex County Community Foundation for supporting this program

During the whole month of July beginning on the 8th, every Wednesday there will be drop-in crafts in the Children’s Room from 2:00 to 3:00 p.m. and there will be reading contests going on all during July where the kids can win prizes including free admissions to the Topsfield Fair.  We are extremely grateful to the Essex County Community foundation for making our Summer Reading program possible!

The Summer Reading program is always a lot of fun but it has a serious purpose.  We try to prevent children from backsliding during the summer and letting their reading skills get rusty.  In other words we are presenting something that is good for children under the guise of something fun.  I hope all parents join in this plot and both read to your smaller children and encourage reading in the older ones.  It is a gift that will last your children a lifetime—I can promise you that.

Well grab some fat reads and head for the beach.   Get some books on tape for the ride.  See you at the library. 


Maureen Nimmo, Director, Lawrence Public Library.